February 27, 2010 Patty

Wow. It’s been a busy couple of weeks.
We finally started to drive this week. It was, and still is intimidating.  The first day we hit the range (The range is a big ol’ dirt parking lot they’ve rented from Wing Stadium.) we just drove in a big circles, learning how to turn and how to shift a bit.     Day two was more of the same but THEN we went on the actual road.  Now if any of my beloved family and friends are reading this…if you listen to nothing else I have to say PLEASE for the love of your lives listen to this…when an 80,000 pound truck has the words “student driver” stenciled on the back, stay away from it.  Take another route.  Take a detour to a parking lot…run off in a ditch if you have to but stay away from that truck.  They have no idea what they’re doing and the instructor has no control over that thing…and somebody like yours truly is behind the wheel.  

Getting on the road was okay the first day, I was a little nervous but it was nothing compared to the third day.  I was so scarred I thought I would throw up all over Chad (the instructor).  He has no idea how close it came.   I managed to hold my emotions in check long enough to not cry, to not faint, and to not chicken out.   I felt so down and out after that class I wanted to give up.  I went to CR that night and for the first time in a while, cried in small group.  Thanks be to God for my CR family.  I got the boost I needed to go back the next day and hit the road.


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