April 14, 2010 Patty

I am just a horrible blogger…

To catch up….

I completed trucking school and heavy equipment school. Go me. I did well in both.
In order to get my CDL-A (truck drivin’ license) I had to take a road test. I was really nervous, and it showed. In fact I almost flunked it before we even hit the road.
The first part was the ‘pre-trip’. That’s where you go around your truck and make sure stuff is in working order, lights are working, tires are gtg, nothing in general is wonky. I did fine on the outside part, but when I got behind the wheel I couldn’t remember what to do, so I ended up screwing up the air brakes test on the tractor and the trailer. I think the examiner let it slide…I did okay on the maneuvers. I passed with 2 pts. to spare…and of course when it was time for me to do an alley dock the truck got stuck on a huge patch of ice…totally not my fault. When we finally did hit the road my confidence was a bit low and my nerves were a bit high, but it all worked out. After the last guy got back with the truck the examiner handed us our certificates. He shook every guys hand and pinched my bum on the sly…I was so happy to get my certificate I didn’t knock him out.  

A week later, I, along with Scott and Calvin started our heavy equipment training.  I can’t tell you how intimidated I was, so of course as soon as he asked who wanted to go first I volunteered.  I’ve done a lot of plunging ahead  lately (completely ignoring my instincts to run and hide).  3 weeks later we had the basics down and I’m out looking for work. 

It’s been almost 2 weeks since then, and I’m still not working.  I’m getting back out there in the morning.


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