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August 27, 2010 Patty

So one of my very best friends suggested I start in with my blog again. Something about therapeutic, blah, blah, blah….like my almost constant whining to her isn’t enough therapy.
So here I am. A lot’s happened in the past few months.
In May, I officially started what I laughingly refer to as my career. I just needed a job, and in the wonderful world of trucking there is only one place for a newbie to get a job and that’s, OVER THE ROAD. Werner Trucking was the only one willing to hire me. Their only requirement is that you have your CDL and you’re breathing…and even the breathing thing is negotiable. They got me on a bus down to Indianapolis within a couple of days for “orientation.” They put you up in one of their contracted hotels. I’ve found that these hotels are all drastically different and most drivers have various horror stories from snakes and frogs to random condoms strewn about the room. The Indy hotel is home to my arch nemesis “Nick”. Nick likes to make my life miserable whenever I stay at that hotel. He likes to say things like “We are contractually obligated to offer only one towel per day to each guest (he curls his lip and flares his nostrils while drawing out that last word)”….or “if your phone doesn’t work it means you broke it” or “Well next time you want a wakeup call at six in the morning you’ll have to specify A.M.”
I’ll get you one day, Nick.
Orientation consist of medical waivers, insurance forms, liability waivers, video after video after video, a ½ hour map reading lecture, these little computer courses that teach you things you might not learn out training….like mountain driving in winter….be afraid general driving public, drug tests, company policy and finally, your free lunch. This would be my last free anything from Werner….and fittingly they didn’t have what I wanted to drink and somebody stole my chips.
After all this, assuming you pass the drug test….and you’d be amazed at how many didn’t…you get put on a list for a trainer. Then supposedly after one to two days you’re trainer will come and pick you up in a shiny blue truck and you’ll have a mutually satisfying student/trainer relationship and then one day if you try really hard you’ll get your own truck and then the nice company will give you a big pay check and the sun will shine, flowers will bloom and bunnies will dance and……


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  • 1. Me-red-ith  |  August 29, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Your friend sounds very smart! And I would give this blog two thumbs up…I’ll be waiting from the next installment. 🙂

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