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Home.  The word constantly runs through my mind.  In every way I’m so very far from  that place.  All I can think about is I want to go home.   I  want the comfort of being home.  I want the peace that comes with being surrounded by people that I love, by the people that love me right back.   Oh, there’s always email, facebook, text, the cell…we stay in contact, but it’s not the same.  I cherish the voicemails.  I always make sure to check out the posts, the pictures, the updates, but what I want, what I need, is the physical interaction.  I need to be in the same breathing space as these people.  I need to hug them.  I need to touch them.    This thing I’m doing doesn’t need to be a success just because I have bills to pay, or because of that 1 ton truck I drool over, or that never increasing savings account, it needs to be a success so I can come home.  

God provide me a wide straight road home….and a map…a really detailed map.


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catching up

So one of my very best friends suggested I start in with my blog again. Something about therapeutic, blah, blah, blah….like my almost constant whining to her isn’t enough therapy.
So here I am. A lot’s happened in the past few months.
In May, I officially started what I laughingly refer to as my career. I just needed a job, and in the wonderful world of trucking there is only one place for a newbie to get a job and that’s, OVER THE ROAD. Werner Trucking was the only one willing to hire me. Their only requirement is that you have your CDL and you’re breathing…and even the breathing thing is negotiable. They got me on a bus down to Indianapolis within a couple of days for “orientation.” They put you up in one of their contracted hotels. I’ve found that these hotels are all drastically different and most drivers have various horror stories from snakes and frogs to random condoms strewn about the room. The Indy hotel is home to my arch nemesis “Nick”. Nick likes to make my life miserable whenever I stay at that hotel. He likes to say things like “We are contractually obligated to offer only one towel per day to each guest (he curls his lip and flares his nostrils while drawing out that last word)”….or “if your phone doesn’t work it means you broke it” or “Well next time you want a wakeup call at six in the morning you’ll have to specify A.M.”
I’ll get you one day, Nick.
Orientation consist of medical waivers, insurance forms, liability waivers, video after video after video, a ½ hour map reading lecture, these little computer courses that teach you things you might not learn out training….like mountain driving in winter….be afraid general driving public, drug tests, company policy and finally, your free lunch. This would be my last free anything from Werner….and fittingly they didn’t have what I wanted to drink and somebody stole my chips.
After all this, assuming you pass the drug test….and you’d be amazed at how many didn’t…you get put on a list for a trainer. Then supposedly after one to two days you’re trainer will come and pick you up in a shiny blue truck and you’ll have a mutually satisfying student/trainer relationship and then one day if you try really hard you’ll get your own truck and then the nice company will give you a big pay check and the sun will shine, flowers will bloom and bunnies will dance and……

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I am just a horrible blogger…

To catch up….

I completed trucking school and heavy equipment school. Go me. I did well in both.
In order to get my CDL-A (truck drivin’ license) I had to take a road test. I was really nervous, and it showed. In fact I almost flunked it before we even hit the road.
The first part was the ‘pre-trip’. That’s where you go around your truck and make sure stuff is in working order, lights are working, tires are gtg, nothing in general is wonky. I did fine on the outside part, but when I got behind the wheel I couldn’t remember what to do, so I ended up screwing up the air brakes test on the tractor and the trailer. I think the examiner let it slide…I did okay on the maneuvers. I passed with 2 pts. to spare…and of course when it was time for me to do an alley dock the truck got stuck on a huge patch of ice…totally not my fault. When we finally did hit the road my confidence was a bit low and my nerves were a bit high, but it all worked out. After the last guy got back with the truck the examiner handed us our certificates. He shook every guys hand and pinched my bum on the sly…I was so happy to get my certificate I didn’t knock him out.  

A week later, I, along with Scott and Calvin started our heavy equipment training.  I can’t tell you how intimidated I was, so of course as soon as he asked who wanted to go first I volunteered.  I’ve done a lot of plunging ahead  lately (completely ignoring my instincts to run and hide).  3 weeks later we had the basics down and I’m out looking for work. 

It’s been almost 2 weeks since then, and I’m still not working.  I’m getting back out there in the morning.

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Wow. It’s been a busy couple of weeks.
We finally started to drive this week. It was, and still is intimidating.  The first day we hit the range (The range is a big ol’ dirt parking lot they’ve rented from Wing Stadium.) we just drove in a big circles, learning how to turn and how to shift a bit.     Day two was more of the same but THEN we went on the actual road.  Now if any of my beloved family and friends are reading this…if you listen to nothing else I have to say PLEASE for the love of your lives listen to this…when an 80,000 pound truck has the words “student driver” stenciled on the back, stay away from it.  Take another route.  Take a detour to a parking lot…run off in a ditch if you have to but stay away from that truck.  They have no idea what they’re doing and the instructor has no control over that thing…and somebody like yours truly is behind the wheel.  

Getting on the road was okay the first day, I was a little nervous but it was nothing compared to the third day.  I was so scarred I thought I would throw up all over Chad (the instructor).  He has no idea how close it came.   I managed to hold my emotions in check long enough to not cry, to not faint, and to not chicken out.   I felt so down and out after that class I wanted to give up.  I went to CR that night and for the first time in a while, cried in small group.  Thanks be to God for my CR family.  I got the boost I needed to go back the next day and hit the road.

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Happy Valentines Day to me….now where the hell is that little guy with the arrows?

I’ve been so bogged down with learning the difference between a drive axle and a drive shaft that I haven’t had time to post.

I like class a lot.  I think that I could drive long haul and be quite happy.  Chad (the instructor) has a calm demeanor, and he’s good at boosting confidence.   That in itself is a huge relief. 

For the most part all off them men in the class are supportive, but there’s a few that are down right out of touch with the modern times.

They all but scream that I don’t belong in there.  I have so much homework to do I can’t finish my post for the week.  It’ll have to wait!

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I had a physical for my DOT at 7 this morning. I had to get up at 5 am to be there a bit early.  I’ll have you know that you’d have to be a special kind of insane to be up at 5 in the morning.It just feels plain weird. 

So, a doctor has ruled me physically and mentally fit to drive big rigs and the like.  HA!  Have em’ fooled.  He was pretty happy with my health…except for my weight.  Well, God help me with that one because that is the only way I’ll be able to lose it.  I’m pretty sure the only way I’ll be able to beat it is with constant prayer and HUGE blessings of constantly flowing grace. 

I picked up my boots and package of gloves after I got back from that physical.  Very cool.  Having something physical in my hands makes it more real.  I’m sure I’ll not give a rip about feeling real on my monday morning commute to Kalamazoo, but that’s alright. 

Now, if I can just manage to get home without getting lost…again…and wasting yet another full tank of gas I’ll be good to go.

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I now have incredible cute workout clothes.  My thinking was that I would be more likely to go out and about walking, if I got to show off.  The problem with that is, that I’m going to have to go  out and about walking….ugh. 

I knew this was going to be a problem when I carried a basket of clothes fresh from the laundry up a short flight of stairs.  I tried to explain away the huffing and puffing…”’s just the sudden change in elevation, no biggie”  or “I knew that icky carrot would have this effect on me”  my personal favorourite…”that damned dog…”

AND I found out that I’ll have to start getting up at 5:30 to get to school by 7:30.   So, along with walking (and did I mention I got a jump rope too?) and clean eating I’m also going to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow, instead of my usual noonish, and by noonish I mean 1.


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Today I finished up all the contracts at NWLB.  Very exciting stuff.  I giggled a lot.  I’m sure that’s not a common characteristic in a construction worker , though I bet that guy from The Village People giggled a lot. 

Emily (my NWLB case worker) is awesome! She’s on top of everything all the time.  It seems as though I got blessed…again.   From what I hear, not all caseworkers are like that.  I found out they’ll be paying me 10 bucks a day for gas, and they’ll be buying my work boots and gloves.  I go shopping for those tomorrow.  In the mean time I’ll try to control my girly, giggle side and focus on my kick-butt-woman-hear-me-roar side.  I should go spit on something…

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So, I’ve known for almost a year that this day was coming.  The day when I would start my life in the blue-collar world…blue-collar i.e. heavy labor.  It would have been clever of me to prepare….dontchya think?  I could have lost my 165 pounds at any point and time within the last year, but I didn’t do.  So now I have to do it…in two weeks.

“Hi, I’m a thankful child of God, and I struggle with procrastination on major levels, and my name is Patty…”

In reality, I’ve “had” to lose the weight before…but couldn’t do it.  It’s always been a little more complicated than just putting down the damned fork, although that would help.  

Okay world (because I’m completely positive that the people of the world will one day read this), I am losing this weight.  I am totally committed to my new occupation endeavors.  I’m totally committed to making this one of the best years of my life.  This is going to happen.  So now this little blog is about my breaking into the construction biz and losing what amounts to a baby whale.

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the genesis


 a dawning of a new day for yours truly. 

If you’re giving this any notice at all I’m sure that you already know me, but let’s do this blog thing up right.

My stats:  My name is Patty Rummins, I’m 6 foot tall, blonde with blue eyes….looks good on paper doesn’t it?  I’ll post a photo as a cautionary advisment in false advertising. 

I’m  31.  I was okay with this until I was reminded by my mother that in a short twenty years I will be fifty…then she asked if I was retaining  water.  You can begin forwarding her mail to Pinerest Home for the Aged.

I was married, but not anymore.  During said marriage I basically lived on a little planet called “Codependency XR1780”….we shouldn’t really talk about the XR1780 part.   The short of the long is I’ve been figuring out  who I am:  what I like to do, what music I like, what  foods I like, what I want  to be when I grow up. 

Well, one day I was whining to my very good friend about my lack of direction and somehow we got talking about bulldozers and cranes and really big, really neat trucks and the next thing I knew I was on my way to sign up for some operating classes.

So far, I think it’s going well….

But then again

I start in 2 weeks

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